MSIC only

The MSIC only card will cover areas within regulated ports, around and onboard regulated Australian ships, which have additional security requirements, and security zones on offshore oil and gas facilities.

MSIC and Fremantle Ports access

The MSIC with incorporated Fremantle Ports Access (dual capability single card) will cover your access requirements for all Fremantle Ports berths in the Fremantle Inner Harbour and Kwinana facilities. The MSIC component of the card is the initial requirement for areas within other regulated ports, around and onboard regulated Australian ships, and security zones on offshore oil and gas facilities. 

Renewing your MSIC

If your MSIC is expiring soon, we advise you to submit a new MSIC application at least one month before your present card expires. This allows time for the background check to occur as the process for renewing an MSIC is the same as applying for a new MSIC and there is no grace period on expiring MSICs. Once your card expires, you cannot enter the port.

Fremantle Ports can process your renewal MSIC irrespective of who you purchased your original MSIC through. If your current work situation makes it more convenient for you to attend Fremantle rather than your first Issuing Body, please come in and see us.

Please note: Your new MSIC expiry date is from the date your renewal application is approved by AusCheck, not from the date the former card expires or from the date that you apply for the new MSIC.  

MSIC applicant procedure

1.    Read the MSIC Induction. 

2.    Complete the MSIC Application Form. 

3.    Gather the following documentation to support your application (as per the MSIC Induction):

 *   If you do not have original Australian ID, please contact the MSIC Service Centre (9430 3417) to discuss your ID requirements before you attend your appointment.

 4.    Arrange an appointment to lodge your application with the MSIC Service Centre via the online booking service. At the appointment you will have your photo taken and you will be given a unique Application Identification Number.

5.     Please ensure you have read and understood the MSIC Conditions of Use before you make application.

6.    Following lodgement, Fremantle Ports will request AusCheck to conduct a background check. AusCheck will send a letter advising the outcome to your nominated postal address.

(Please note: After an MSIC application has been lodged, a monetary refund cannot be made.)

Access to Fremantle Ports

7.    Your application to access Fremantle Ports will be reviewed by the Fremantle Ports Harbour Master.

8.    For all cards incorporating Fremantle Ports access, you are required to complete a Safety Induction and provide the printed Safety Induction Certificate before you collect your card. If you skip sections, your details will not be registered. Go to the Safety Induction.

Collection of MSIC

10.    Fremantle Ports will advise you by email when your MSIC is approved. After your MSIC has been approved, arrange an appointment with the MSIC Service Centre to collect your MSIC. Provide photo identification (eg. driver's licence) at collection.

11. All previously issued MSICs and/or Access Cards must be handed in when you collect your new card.


MSIC Privacy​​