In 2011, the State Government confirmed that Fremantle’s Inner Harbour would continue supporting Western Australia’s long-term growth by remaining a 'working port' into the future.  Fremantle Port is one of Western Australia’s most critically important pieces of infrastructure and is recognised as the State’s key trade gateway and a significant driver of Western Australia’s economy.

The Government also confirmed its commitment to the development of new container-handling port facilities in Cockburn Sound. Given the number of strategic port, industry and utility interests in that area, the Government announced the Western Australian Planning Commission would conduct an overall planning assessment of the environmental, transport, planning and community issues associated with strategic port and industry development in the Kwinana Industrial Area.

Ensuring sound planning for all aspects of our business is a key objective for Fremantle Ports. The aim is to ensure that this organisation can fulfil its role of facilitating trade, meeting current trade needs and ensuring capability for the future.

The Inner Harbour Port Development Plan was developed in 2000. A number of the plan's key proposals, such as the North Quay rail loop, have been implemented.

The Inner Harbour Port Development Strategy currently being developed will provide strategic direction for the Inner Harbour over the next 20 to 30 years. The strategy will be used for making land-use and development decisions and will form the basis of further detailed planning within the port.

The deepening of the Inner Harbour and approach channels, with associated berth strengthening works was completed in April 2011. It was a major project to enable the port to handle the bigger container ships now servicing Australian trade routes. The development of new land at Rous Head is another current focus in the Inner Harbour.

Fremantle Ports is committed to planning in a sustainable way. Planning policies relating to areas of the port are in place and development guidelines are designed to help those preparing development applications and to assist Fremantle Ports in assessing applications.