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COVID-19 information

The Fremantle Ports Administration Building is open to the public and open for deliveries.

MSIC Service Centre: Please note that you must make an appointment to be seen. See information here.

Fremantle Ports is committed to the health and safety of our community, employees, port users and service providers. Fremantle Ports is ensuring the ongoing facilitation of the vital link of trade to bring the community essential supplies while doing everything to mitigate the virus’s spread. We are guided by the Australian Department of Health and Australian Border Force’s introduced measures at ports nationally to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To ensure business continuity, we are actively taking measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Those precautions are being taken at every level of our organisation in response to the latest advice from government.

Cruise shipping

There are no international cruise ships at Fremantle. Fremantle Ports is complying with all regulations and directions from Government. The Australian Government has restricted outbound international travel and cruise ships until 17 June 2021.


Other shipping

Container, break-bulk and bulk trades are all continuing. All ships must provide pre-arrival health and quarantine information that is checked by Australian authorities. Ships from overseas that have received clearance by the authorities can berth in the port. If ships or crew have been fewer than 14 days at sea, crew must follow biosecurity directions. All crew must remain on-board while the vessel is berthed in Australia. Crew are able to disembark to conduct essential vessel functions only and crew must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while performing these functions. Crew should restrict their interaction with non-crew members to those interactions that are critical to the safe operation and loading/unloading of the vessel. Crew must also use PPE in public spaces on board the vessel while non-crew members are on-board. There is currently no shore leave for any crew. To ensure ongoing trade and supply of goods, international and interstate maritime crew change-outs are permitted and are being managed by the WA Health Department.


Suppliers and deliveries

Suppliers to Fremantle Ports are requested to review their provision of goods and services to Fremantle Ports.  If any interruption or delay in supply of critical items is expected, suppliers should notify Fremantle Ports immediately via [email protected]

More information

There are several important websites providing information about COVID-19 you may wish to visit:


If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 08 9430 3555.


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