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Update 27/3/20

The cruise ship MV Artania has been allowed by the WA Government to berth at the Port of Fremantle, due to a medical incident on board. 

A male passenger has had a serious medical emergency and requires urgent medical evacuation. 

The State Government understands this passenger is not one of the nine passengers that were tested for COVID-19. 

The passenger will be transferred to a WA hospital for medical treatment. 

The remaining passengers, including the seven COVID-19 positive passengers, will remain on board in self-isolation. Peter Hughes Drive is closed to the public at this time.

The State Government will provide further updates today. 

Suppliers and deliveries

Supplies to Fremantle Ports are requested to review their provision of goods and services to Fremantle Ports.  If any interruption or delay in supply of critical items is expected, suppliers should notify Fremantle Ports immediately via [email protected]

Deliveries and face-to-face visits to Fremantle Ports are now also subject to change. Due to COVID-19, there are now restrictions on people entering Fremantle Ports premises, in the interests of everyone’s health. As far as possible, inquiries should be conducted by phone or email, rather than face-to-face. Contractors and visitors are now required to complete a written declaration confirming their work/presence on a Fremantle Ports site is necessary and can’t be postponed or handled electronically. The form also incorporates a simple risk assessment checklist. Deliveries to Fremantle Ports’ Administration Office Building should phone Reception (9430 3555) on arrival for instructions.  

Visitors to Fremantle Ports are required to follow strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines. These are set down in the declaration form. Your regular Fremantle Ports contact can supply you with this form on request.

More information

There are several important websites providing information about COVID-19, you may wish to visit:


If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 08 9430 3555.


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