An application for access to Fremantle Ports Maritime Security Zones will only be processed on the basis that the applicant is a holder of a current MSIC. Access will be approved at the discretion of the Fremantle Ports Harbour Master.

The MSIC and/or Access card can be arranged through the MSIC Service Centre at 1 Cliff Street, Fremantle or by contacting the MSIC Service Centre on 08 9430 3580.

 Follow the steps below to obtain your MSIC and Fremantle Ports access card.

 Fremantle Ports Access Only Applicant Procedure:

1.    You must hold a valid MSIC before applying for Fremantle Ports Access.

2.    Complete the Fremantle Ports Access Only Application Form.

3.    Gather the following documentation to support your application (as per the MSIC induction):

  • proof of identity
    • current MSIC
    • original Australian driver's licence or current passport
  •  letter of operational need to hold Fremantle Ports access (see the company letter template). A letter from your employer is required to confirm:
    • your employment and position within the company

    • the reason and frequency access is required

    • the areas of the port that access is needed

    • or if you are self-employed or a subcontractor, a letter is needed on your own letterhead confirming how long you have been operational, the type of business conducted and which companies engage your services. In this letter you should list any employees who require access. Also required is a sponsorship letter from a company that utilises your services confirming what work you undertake on their behalf and how often access is required to the port.

  •    demonstrated requirement to access Fremantle Ports.

4.    Arrange an appointment to lodge your application with the MSIC Service Centre (9430 3580 or 9430 3384). (Arrangements to pay by invoice should be organised at this time.)

5.    For Fremantle Ports access, you are required to complete a Safety Induction and provide the printed Safety Induction Certificate before you apply for the card. If you skip sections, your details will not be registered. Go to the Safety induction page. 

6.     Present your MSIC, letter of operational need, current driver’s license (or other photo identification) and completed application form at the MSIC Service Centre. You will have an identification photo taken.

7.    Payment by cash, credit card or EFTPOS is available at the MSIC Service Centre ($146 per access card).

8.    Your application to access Fremantle Ports will be reviewed by Fremantle Ports' Harbour Master.

9.    Provide photo identification (eg. driver’s licence) when collecting the card.

10.  All previously issued Fremantle Ports’ Security Access Cards must be surrendered on collection of the new card.


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