​Applying for planning approval to use or develop land or waters

All proposed development or uses by Fremantle Ports and its tenants on all land and waters within the boundary of the Port of Fremantle at both the Inner and Outer Harbours require:
  • a completed Application for Planning Approval Form
  • a completed Planning Application Checklist (together with all information listed in the Planning Application Checklist).

For information on how to make an application to Fremantle Ports for planning approval and specific development criteria, see the Planning Guidelines. They have two parts:

  • Part One - Planning Approval (outlines exemptions to the process, fees, how to make an application and what to submit)
  • Part Two - Development Criteria (identifies issues that need to be addressed when preparing an application for planning approval, for example, building setbacks, landscaping and car parking requirements).

 Planning Approval Documents

Application for Planning Approval Form.docxApplication for Planning Approval Form48 KB
Navigating Our Planning Process.pdfNavigating Our Planning Process280 KB
Planning Application Checklist.docxPlanning Application Checklist44 KB
Planning Guidelines.pdfPlanning Guidelines868 KB

Questions and enquiries

Please contact the Planning Manager to discuss your proposal before submitting an application for Planning Approval, or call the Planning Branch on 9430 3555.