If your MSIC is expiring soon, we advise you to submit a new MSIC application at least one month before your present card expires. This allows time for the background check to occur.

Essentially, the process for renewing an MSIC is the same as applying for a new MSIC; you will again be required to attend an appointment at Fremantle Ports with the following (completed) documentation:

  • proof of identity (MSIC Induction section 10)
  • proof of eligibility to work in Australia
  • a letter from the company you work for stating the reason an MSIC (or an MSIC with Fremantle Ports access) is required for your work purposes
  • the completed Fremantle Ports’ MSIC Application Form
  • payment (please refer to the MSIC Application Form for payment details).

*   If you do not have original Australian ID, please contact the MSIC Service Centre (9430 3580 or 9430 3384) to discuss your ID requirements before you attend your appointment.

Applicants applying for an MSIC with Fremantle Ports access incorporated will again need to undertake the required safety induction, which must be viewed and the Safety Induction Certificate printed, before the new MSIC is collected.

All previously issued Fremantle Ports’ MSICs or Access Cards must be returned to the MSIC Service Centre on collection of the new card.

Please note:

  • MSIC validity commences from the date the renewal application is approved by AusCheck, not from the date the former card expires or from the date that you apply for the new MSIC.
  • You need to apply for a renewal MSIC before your old card expires. There is no grace period on expiring MSICs. You cannot enter the port using an expired card. Please ensure that you apply for a renewal MSIC in good time.
  • Pricings for renewal MSICs are the same as new MSICs; please refer to the MSIC Application Form for pricings.
  • Renewal MSICs are not able to be processed more quickly than new MSICs; there is no difference in the time it could take to receive the new card.
  • For both Renewal MSICs, as well as new applications, wait times for collecting the new card could be between a few days and a few weeks, which is why we recommend reapplications are made in good time.
  • Fremantle Ports will process your renewal MSICs irrespective of who you purchased your original MSIC through; you don't have to have obtained your first MSIC from Fremantle Ports. If your current work situation makes it more convenient for you to attend Fremantle rather than your first Issuing Body, please come in and see us.
  • Applicants will not be required to bring photos or police clearances to the application appointment.

When you are ready, please arrange an appointment to lodge your application with the MSIC Service Centre (9430 3580 or 9430 3384).

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