MSIC privacy

Fremantle Ports is an approved Issuing Body for Maritime Security Identification Cards (MSIC). The MSIC centre is a separate entity and therefore, has separate privacy requirements. View the MSIC Privacy page here

Fremantle Ports Collection Notice

Fremantle Ports (“we”, “us”, “our”) is collecting your personal information from you and at times from third parties to:

  • permit you to access our applications and platforms, including our Human Capital Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (Systems)
  • inform, review, assess or consider proposals and delivery of our projects as part of a tender or procurement process
  • process and account for expenditure, revenue and billing of customers, tenants and vendors
  • provide a service or supply information which has been requested (for example, marine surveys and changes to shipping movements)
  • respond to and investigate your enquiry/feedback/complaint
  • manage a person’s employment or business relationship with us
  • identify individuals for the purposes of processing applications, including, but not limited to, MSIC applications and employment applications
  • process your employment application and obtain references and police checks
  • contact you about and administer our events, workshops and seminars we think may be of interest to you
  • contact you about business development opportunities and our projects that we think may be of interest to you
  • communicate with the community, government and other stakeholders about our activities
  • respond to and investigate incidents that have occurred in our premises
  • manage and ensure personal and transport safety within our premises and other maritime security zones
  • maintain, construct and/or remediate land and marine infrastructure
  • create aggregate data about our customers
  • run competitions
  • comply with our legal obligations and reporting requirements.

You do not have to provide all the information requested, but if you do not, this may affect the type and quality of service or response that we can provide you. If you provide any personal information that is sensitive information about you such as your health information, you agree to us collecting that information and using it for the purposes described.


Our Privacy Policy explains other uses and disclosures that we may make of your personal information and also how to request access to or correction of the personal information we collect and hold about you, how to make a privacy complaint and how we will handle that complaint.


Your personal information will be used by and disclosed:

  • to our third party service providers, agents, consultants and contractors who provide financial, legal, administrative or other services in connection with the operation of our business (for example, software providers, IT maintenance providers and solicitors)
  • to our users and port tenants (lessees and licensees) in connection with the investigation of an incident in our precinct or a complaint about activities at Fremantle Port
  • to Commonwealth and Western Australian government departments, agencies and regulators
  • as required or permitted by law.

You can contact us for further information by:

This Collection Notice was last updated on 5 May 2022.