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Community Investment Application

IMPORTANT: Community investment applications will NOT be considered unless this form is filled out in its entirety. You should thoroughly read our community investment page before completing the form.

This form must be filled out and sent within 60 minutes or it may time out. For this reason, you are advised to prepare your material beforehand, then cut and paste it into the form rather than write directly into the form. The completed form itself is the most important element of your application. Should you wish to submit extensive supporting documentation, please contact Government and Public Relations separately. If you have not received a confirmation-of-receipt email from Fremantle Ports within two working days of submission, please ring 9430 3380.

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I hereby declare that all information I have provided on this application form is true and correct. I understand that Fremantle Ports requires a detailed feedback report (after the initiative or event), including proof of expenditure and details of promotional activities.

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