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Voyager is a customer application for shipping operations. You will require a username and password to sign in.

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Voyager Dangerous Cargo

Fremantle Ports’ Voyager Dangerous Cargo (VDC) system is accessible to registered users via secured sign in ID and password.

The VDC computer system is the main tool for monitoring and managing dangerous cargo movements (load, unload and/or transit) through the Port of Fremantle. It integrates with the shipping information management system that manages ship visits and movements. The VDC system is available 24/7 on this website and is designed for use by shipping agents, principal agents, stevedores, slot charter partners, regulatory authorities and Fremantle Ports employees. VDC allows dangerous cargo to be declared onto bulk, break bulk and container vessels.


You must do the training below to access Voyager Dangerous Cargo. View these three presentations:
Voyager Dangerous Cargo 1 - Overview
Voyager Dangerous Cargo 2 - Request for Permission
Voyager Dangerous Cargo 3 - Notification

Alternatively, you can be trained in the use of the VDC system by a colleague who is a registered VDC system user.

See more information here:
Voyager Dangerous Cargo - Training Supplement


When you’ve done the training, complete and sign this form: Voyager User Registration Form.

For existing Voyager users, once you have satisfied the above training requirement, please send an email (advising that you have completed the training) to [email protected]; under normal circumstances your VDC access would then be activated within three business days.

Technical requirements

The Voyager Dangerous Cargo application is designed to operate in Internet Explorer although it may work successfully in other browsers. If you click on the Dangerous Cargo link and nothing happens, your Internet Explorer settings probably require adjustment (i.e. Trusted site and/or Pop-up blocker). Contact your organisation’s technical support team for help.

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