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Port Information Guide

The Port of Fremantle is the maritime gateway for container, break-bulk and bulk shipping.

See this comprehensive Port of Fremantle guide for Masters of seagoing vessels, shipping lines, publishers of nautical information and others who need nautical information.*

*Note that this document is currently under review, with the new edition scheduled for release early 2023

Some information will be subject to review by the Harbour Master's Office.

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Ship and Cargo Charges

Fremantle Ports applies a range of rates and charges to the variety of services it offers for customers, businesses and organisations.

Cargo inquiries FAQs

How do I import/export cargo (eg. ship a car from overseas, move household goods, import goods for my small business, etc.)? Collapse and expand this accordion

How do I find a customs broker or freight forwarder in Australia? Collapse and expand this accordion

I've shipped goods from overseas to Fremantle. How can I find out whether they have arrived? Collapse and expand this accordion

The ship has arrived with my goods in a container. How do I pick them up/get them off the wharf? Collapse and expand this accordion

Customs - how much will I have to pay on the goods I've imported? Collapse and expand this accordion

Find out how you can explore the port or get ferry and cruise info...