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MSIC / Port Access

The Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) is a maritime identification card issued to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check to ensure port security is consistent Australia-wide. It shows that the holder has met minimum security requirements to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime security zone. 

Any person who requires unescorted entry to a maritime restricted zone must hold a valid MSIC. Any person who requires unescorted entry to a Fremantle Ports restricted zone must hold a valid MSIC and Fremantle Ports Access Card.  They must also abide by the Conditions of Entry to Fremantle Ports.


Please note:

1. The MSIC background check eligibility criteria has changed. Review the new criteria and your self-reporting requirements here: Department of Home Affairs Letter to Cardholders - New Tiered and Harmonised Eligibility Criteria. See the FAQs and Flowchart.

2. You must book an appointment to attend the MSIC Service Centre or you will not be seen. Please click here to make a booking.

3. You may experience delays with your MSIC application. AusCheck have advised all Issuing Bodies the current AVERAGE time for the background check to complete is 8 weeks.

Please note Fremantle Ports will endeavour to upload your application to AusCheck the same day as your application and advise you of the approved MSIC the same day it is printed.


Kwinana Bulk Terminal access

For access to Kwinana Bulk Terminal, you may need to apply for a Kwinana Bulk Terminal operational induction card. Call 9410 8384 for information.

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