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Fremantle Ports moves more than 20% of containers coming into and out of the Fremantle Inner Harbour by rail. A single train can take up to 60 truck movements off the road and in 2019-20 there were 105,000 truck movements taken off the road because of rail. Logistics Analyst Sophie Gillespie explains how.

Highest percentage share of containers on rail nationwide

Increasing the volume of containers moved by rail to and from the Fremantle Inner Harbour is a strategic priority.

Since the North Quay Rail terminal was built in 2006 and extended in 2014 the number of containers on rail and the percentage of containers on rail compared to on road has grown.

Major advantages in using rail are reduced traffic congestion on roads, assisting in reducing environmental and social impacts, and greater fuel efficiency compared to road transport.

Increased use of rail for container freight reduces the rate of growth of port-related truck transport and continues to have strong community support.

Containers on rail saved about 105,000 truck trips in 2018-19

Rail Share and Trucks Off Road to 2018-19
During 2018-19, rail's market share was 20.1 per cent (in 2003-04 it was 2 per cent). 

158,000 TEU (20.1%) carried by rail

North Quay Rail and Road Service Volumes to 2018-19
Rail receives financial support from the State Government in recognition of the vital role it plays and the inherent difficulty it has in competing with road transport over short distances. The rail subsidy is $50/TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).


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