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The MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) is a nationally recognised identification card which demonstrates that the holder of the MSIC has been cleared by the ACIC/ASIO (AusCheck) and is not a threat to the maritime or offshore industry.

The MSIC is not an access card. Access remains under the control of the port operator or offshore facility. A standard MSIC is valid for either 2 or 4 years.

Fremantle Ports is an approved issuing body under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003 and can receive, process and print MSICs.

There are three types of cards Fremantle Ports can issue. If you already have a valid MSIC and need access to Fremantle Ports Maritime Secure Zones, apply for a separate Fremantle Ports Access Only card.

The MSIC and/or access card can be arranged through the MSIC Service Centre.

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