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Operational efficiency is increased through improved communication, availability of data for better coordination and the ability for the port and industry to work together.

Fremantle Ports invests in systems to improve the efficiency of supply chain activities in the port precinct with positive results. These award-winning initiatives include a congestion management system and a truck marshalling area at Rous Head.

Congestion management

As at many ports around the world, there is occasional congestion in the landside supply chain. The Congestion Management System (CMS) and 60-bay Truck Marshalling Area (TMA) at Rous Head are highly successful in managing any congestion, allowing container parks/terminals to call through vehicles in an orderly manner until congestion has dissipated.

System features:

  • Logging into the CMS software activates a control program and a series of Variable Messaging Signs (VMS) throughout the port’s environs that ask drivers to divert to the purpose-built TMA.
  • An Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera captures truck details at TMA entry, linking to a ‘white list’ of previous entries to display port-related information on a cab-height check-in screen; driver confirms the entries and adds any additional information.
  • After registration, driver parks vehicle in the TMA, maintaining a view of the TMA VMS or a monitor within the TMA truckstop (café and fueling facilities).
  • Transport operators at their offices are also able to view a TMA truck cam, which provides regularly updated, multi-perspective views of the TMA.
  • As congestion clears, vehicles are called up on the TMA VMS according to time slot, first-come first-served, with vehicles in a virtual queue.
  • Trucks are removed from the TMA VMS automatically by an exit ANPR camera to ensure only valid, current call-ups remain on those screens.
  • Arriving trucks are vetted at the site’s entrance, to prevent illegitimate arrivals and ensure fairness and system integrity.
  • Finally, when the issue causing the vehicle diversion has been resolved, a ‘Cessation’ logic filters newly arriving vehicles with those exiting the TMA in attempt to ensure queuing integrity.
The CMS also displays other messages, such as container redirections, truck/public interaction (roadworks, ship arrivals, etc.) and emergency response messaging.

See the Congestion Management System Operations Manual (for site users).

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