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Safety Induction

You must view the induction in full and answer the questions correctly to complete the induction. You cannot fast forward or skip sections and complete the induction.

You must complete the induction to be granted a new or renewed Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC).

Important information:

  • View the induction on your computer (turn up the sound).
  • Choose the type of safety induction that applies to you (runtimes include time to answer questions):
  • Operational: for contractors and Fremantle Ports operational employees working on a Fremantle Ports site. This work can include repair, maintenance, installation, construction work or work involving operating plant and equipment. If you need to pick up a tool, you need to do this induction. (About 78 minutes)
  • Administrative: for Fremantle Ports administrative employees only. (About 60 minutes)
  • Port User: for agents, couriers, crane drivers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, government agency representatives, stevedores, truck drivers and others who need access to Fremantle Ports maritime security zones. (About 42 minutes)
  • Work through at your own time and pace - there is a pause button.
  • When you have successfully completed the induction by answering the questions, print/screenshot the safety induction certificate to provide evidence of completion to collect your MSIC/Access card
  • You must collect your MSIC within three months of completing the safety induction.

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