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Fremantle Ports is the strategic manager of the Port of Fremantle and the registered business name of the Fremantle Port Authority, a Western Australian Government trading enterprise under the Port Authorities Act 1999 and Port Authorities Regulations 2001. The Act sets out a clear role for port authorities in facilitating trade in a commercially responsible manner and establishes clear lines of accountability with the Western Australian State Government.

Fremantle Ports is governed by a board of directors appointed by and responsible to the Minister for Transport; Planning; Ports. The Fremantle Ports Board sets the strategic direction of Fremantle Ports, agrees on goals for management and monitors the achievement of those goals. The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board and is responsible for day-to-day management. The Board and Executive Leadership Team are committed to high standards of conduct and integrity to support the ethical and effective stewardship of assets entrusted to them.

Links below provide information about our Board, Executive Leadership Team and key corporate governance commitments that help Fremantle Ports achieve its aspiration.

Our purpose

Facilitating trade for a more prosperous Western Australia


Our aspiration

Providing the safest and most reliable, efficient and sustainable supply chain capacity for importers and exporters

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