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Escort Application - Instructions

The instructions below can be used as a guide when completing an Escort Application form:

Step 1

Navigate to the MSIC / Port Access page on this website.

Step 2

Scroll down the page and click the ESCORT APPLICATION button, just underneath the "An Escort Application Form must be completed, submitted and approved before the escorting takes place." text within the page.

Step 3

When the second Escort Application page appears, scroll down the page and select your Escort Application form type, by clicking on either the Standard button or the Special Request button.

Step 4

Next, you'll be prompted to enter your Access Details, such as Company Name, From and To access dates, Applicable Areas and your reason for requesting access. Ensure that you provide details in all fields.

Escort Form - Access Details

Step 5

Click the  button to proceed to the next page of the form.

Step 6

Next, you'll be prompted to enter all persons escorting. Please ensure that you fill in the following required fields within this page:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • MSIC number
  • Fremantle Ports access card number
  • Contact address

Escort Application - People Escorting

You can add additional escorting persons by clicking the  button at the bottom of the People Escorting page.

Step 7

Click the  button to proceed to the next page of the form.

Step 8

Next you'll be prompted to enter the persons being escorted. Please ensure that you fill in the following required fields within this page:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Company name

Escort Application - People Being Escorted

You can add additional people being escorted by clicking the  button at the bottom of the People being escorted page.

Step 9

Click the  button to proceed to the next page of the form.

Step 10

Next, you'll need to provide an email address for a submission receipt, and then you'll need to enter a randomly-generated CAPTCHA security code - the CAPTCHA process helps us ensure that a human is entering the details into the online form.

Please note: CAPTCHA is case sensitive, so depending on the code generated, you may need to enter a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Escort Application - Submit 1

Step 11

Scroll further down the Submit page and confirm that you've provided the correct details, by clicking on the I confirm... checkbox.

Escort Application - Submit Confirm

Step 12

Click the  button to submit the form to Fremantle Ports.

Step 13

The Application Submitted page will appear after your form has been successfully submitted.

Escort Application - Escort Submitted

Step 14

Click the  button to return to the Fremantle Ports website home page.


If you are having issues submitting your Escort Application form or if you haven't received a submission receipt email, please phone Port Access on 9430 3550 or email [email protected].

In addition, it'll be great if you could please provide Fremantle Ports with the following details when advising us of any issues:

  • Did you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari?
  • Did you use Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 or Mac OS?
  • Did you use an iPhone, Android phone or a desktop computer?
  • Did you use an iPad or another tablet device?
  • Did you begin to fill in the form and walk away from your computer, leaving it unattended for more than 10 minutes?

Advanced Troubleshooting

For advanced troubleshooting, you're welcome to visit the site, which retrieves basic information about your browser. The information retrieved will help us investigate any issues you may have experienced with the Escort Application form.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Your browser details will immediately appear on the page
  3. Click the Copy to clipboard button on the page
  4. Compose a new email in your email application software, e.g. Microsoft Outlook
  5. Paste the link you copied in Step 3 above into the email and email it, together with your name and company, to [email protected].

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