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South Mole Community Consultation



Fremantle Ports is seeking the community’s feedback on public access to South Mole in Fremantle.  

South Mole will re-open to the public this week after a seven-week closure, initially access will be permitted for pedestrians and cyclists. 

The mole was closed on 17 March 2024 as a result of illegal camping, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Fremantle Ports has temporarily closed the area to vehicles with the aim to balance community affection for the site with public safety.   

Through summer, up to 30 illegal camper vans were frequently parked on South Mole overnight, and on some occasions, more.  

The anti-social behaviour, pressure on toilet facilities not designed for camping, tents being erected, discarded rubbish and friction between campers and other users such as families and recreational fishermen resulted in a temporary closure of South Mole.

Fremantle Ports made the decision to re-open initially to pedestrians and cyclists, while it undertakes a review of longer-term access arrangements.

Fremantle Ports understands the community has a strong attachment to South Mole as a fishing location, sightseeing platform and tourist destination. 

It’s also part of the operational port. The intent is to balance the best outcome for both the community and the port whilst maintaining safety as a priority.

Fremantle Ports welcomes the public to contribute their views here with the consultation period commencing 9 May and running for four weeks, closing 6 June 2024.  

Not all fields are mandatory, we thank you for your interest in this issue.




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