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Cruise ship trio at Fremantle Port

Three cruise ships were berthed together at Fremantle Port today.
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  • Published 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 Victoria Quay D3 9327 (450x223)
Three cruise ships at Victoria Quay (from left): Silver Shadow, Astor and Regatta

Fremantle Ports’ Inner Harbour has been a particularly lively scene today with the unusual occurrence of three cruise ships in together at Victoria Quay.

A busy shipping program for other operational berths has added to the colour and interest of this busy working port.
CMA CGM ROSSINI D30_9072 (450x299)

CMA CGM Rossini was one of three container ships at North Quay

The cruise ship Regatta, on a debut visit, extended its planned one-day stay from yesterday and has been joined by Astor and Silver Shadowtoday.
12 Jan 2018 Silver Shadow D3S_5404 (450x330)

Marine pilot Captain Greg Tonnison climbs aboard Silver Shadow to bring the cruise ship into port

For 2018, there are 43 scheduled cruise ship visits to Fremantle Port, comprising 27 turnaround visits (where Fremantle is the first and last port in a voyage and there is complete passenger transfer) and 16 transit calls (ships calling at Fremantle during a cruise and passengers make day trips).
12 Jan 2018 Silver ShadowD3S_5471 (450x299)
Silver Shadow makes its way towards the Fremantle Inner Harbour around midday today
DJI_0033 (450x338)
Silver Shadow berthing
Fremantle Harbour 12 Jan 18 DSC_5672 (450x359)

A busy harbour on 12 January

As well as Regatta, first visits to Fremantle are being made by Ocean Dream (24-25 January), Azamara Journey (26-27 January), L’Austral (8 February), Seven Seas Navigator (25 February), Golden Princess (22 March), AIDDAAura (20-21 December) and Azamara Quest (21-22 December).

Ocean Dream is chartered by the Peace Boat organisation, a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organisation that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development, and respect for the environment.

Peace Boat carries out its main activities of global educational programs, responsible travel, cooperative projects and advocacy activities through Ocean Dream which travels the world on ‘peace voyages’.

Megaliners Queen Mary 2 and Ovation of the Seas will be returning to Fremantle in 2018 on 12 February and 25 October respectively.

In 2016-17, there were 60 cruise ship visits to Fremantle, comprising 45 turnarounds and 15 transit visits.

Direct expenditure from cruise ship visits to Fremantle in 2015-16 was $144.6 million.

Astor is scheduled to depart at 6pm tonight, Regatta at 7pm tonight and Silver Shadow at 1pm on Sunday (14 January).

For up-to-date shipping arrival and departure information, see Shipping Movements.

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